What is Omegle?

Omegle is a free online random video chat site for talking to random strangers all around the world! Released in 2009 and still active even today. When Omegle released, Omegle attracted tons of people all around the world and according to the website Omegle garnered around one hundred fifty thousand visitors just in few days! Long story short it is a free online video chat site for everyone to enjoy their short time and have some fun in there!

Omegle popularity

As we said above Omegle garnered hundred thousands of people just in few days which is crazy for a time that even internet wasn’t that popular. Don’t get me wrong it was indeed popular but not everyone was interested in surfing on the internet like today. Omegle is still active and has huge amount of visitors every month. According to an analytic website Omegle has around +100M visitors every month. Which gives everyone a chance for talking to strangers just in seconds.

Omegle topics for you to talk to strangers with

Finding a topic might be difficult time to time. We usually suggest you talking to random strangers whatever topic you would like to talk about. Just say whatever you have on your mind. But if you have no idea what to talk about we can give you some popular topics which is people are usually talking about on Omegle. “School”, “Investment”, “Social Media”, “Sports”, “Dating”, “Old Relationships”, “Music”, “Talking to Strangers”, “Travelling”, “Foods” are some of the top topics people are talking about these days.

Random video chat

The concept of Omegle is pretty much talking to strangers but mostly gives you a random video chat with people all around the world. Getting into a different random video chat every time someone skips you or you skip someone is crazy. If you haven’t noticed yet every time you encounter a stranger it usually goes randomly good or bad, you never know what you will get in your next random chat. That’s what makes Omegle fun to use. You encounter the most unexpected things you can possibly imagine because you never know what’s happening all around the world.

omegle talk to strangers random chat for free


Today we have talked about Omegle and what is Omegle all about. Along with giving you some topics for you to talk with strangers on Omegle. Also gave you some information about random video chat on Omegle. Thank you for reading the article. I hope to see you soon on our another posts. Check omegle.world for more cool content like this!

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