Omegle the best free video chat site

We have tons of video chat sites out there right now. And most of them has the same purpose. Which is helping you find a random strangers and video chat with them. Some of them has filters some of them has different features that the other ones don’t have. Omegle is one of the oldest and the most used video chat site out there. And since 2009 it is still running and working just fine.

Why do people choose Omegle?

One of the first reason that people visit Omegle chat is the huge number of visitors it is having every month. Which is an average between 25 thousand to 60 thousand visitors per month. Some people do say it is having more than that. Besides visitors it is having large amount of visitors every month, Omegle is one of the first free video chat sites that released early on out there. Almost every country all around the world using Omegle no matter what.

How can you be sure that Omegle is the best?

I am not the one telling that Omegle is the best. But the people all around the world showing their love into Omegle. By posting videos, talking about Omegle through social medias and so on. We can’t deny the fact that Omegle is one of the best free video chat site out there. People don’t want to see extra filters, too complicated ui/ux or weird video chat site designs. People just want to seek through internet and video chat with random strangers out there. Talking to strangers that’s all they want.

Will there be a better video chat site in the future?

You never know what will happen in few years from now on. Maybe, some of the new type of “filter” video chat sites will rise, and take over the video chat site era on the internet. But for now, all I am seeing is Omegle online and nothing else. I mean let’s be honest, who would have guessed almost a 14 year old video chat site still being a one piece and runs smoothly even today, am I right? Thank you a lot for reading the post. Hope to see you on our other newest posts. You can check our site for more content like this.

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