Omegle or Chathub

Chathub and Omegle are free online video chat sites for talking to random strangers using only your web browser and camera, microphone. Today we will compare Omegle and Chathub in different categories. This is not a competition, yet this will be only kind of a review. We will include userbase, web design, features, user interface and a conclusion to sum it up everything we have talked about.

Omegle and Chathub in general

We have seen that people are changing in every way possible. Lately the change in technology effected our social life mostly. We don’t communicate like we used to do back in the day. Now we are texting and video chatting with our friends, families and so on. This means if we ever feel alone we can also find some random strangers on the internet just by using video chat sites. It is much easier than meeting strangers on the street or somewhere else and try make a conversation. Instead you can skip the strangers on Omegle or Chathub if you don’t want to video chat with them right away.

Userbase on Chathub and Omegle

The amount of visitors visiting your video chat site is really important. Chathub has overall +1M users visiting the video chat site. Chathub is a new video chat site that has a history of 3-4 years. At the other hand Omegle having almost more than +63M users visiting the Omegle which is easily makes Omegle one of the most visited video chat site out there. But here is the thing, Omegle is one of the first and 13 years old video chat site meanwhile Chathub has been up only for 4 years.

Web design on Omegle and Chathub

When we look at Omegle and Chathub web designs it should be noticeable that both of them has kind of a similar design. Two squares a big text container and a button for stop video chatting and looking for new random strangers. Omegle has a much more light and bright design meanwhile Chathub has more gray and darker design. Chathub also has some extra small icons for you to change some of the preferred features whenever you want meanwhile Omegle doesn’t have it.

Features on Omegle and Chathub

Both of them has functional video chat screens for you and the stranger you are facing with. If we had to sort some of the cool features. Omegle has a feature which you can put in a bar, a feature that you can put tags and then you can find other random strangers that is compatible with you and the tags you have put in there. Chathub has a video and microphone only features, you can also filter out whatever gender you want but this extra features costs some small fee.

User Interface

After you have done with accepting the terms and other stuffs you usually transferred to a different page which is where you video chat with strangers. Omegle and Chathub works as same as explained above in this paragraph. Besides similarities Chathub has it’s features stay in small icons meanwhile Omegle just puts it on the screen. Besides these things there should be nothing else different than that.


Today we have talked about Chathub and Omegle in general. We tried to explained some of the core features of Chathub and Omegle also shortly gave you some information about userbase, web design, features, user interface of Chathub and Omegle. You can visit if you would like to see more content like this. Hope to see you soon on our other new posts out there!

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